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Improve your organization's messaging with my seminar, "Business Writing for Non-Writers&qu

Is your Director of Accounting able to clearly spell out the complex new corporate guidelines on expenditures? Can your VP of HR rewrite the employee policy handbook so that it's easily understood at all levels? Are your product or service line managers capable of writing a convincing detailed business case document? If the answer to these kinds of questions is not a resounding "yes," then please consider my seminar called "Business Writing for Non-Writers."

The fact is that good messaging is essential to every industry and profession, and your organization could be losing customers, market share and revenue due to bad business writing. Business Writing for Non-Writers is a unique learning experience that will help your critical communicators to enhance their ability to inform, engage and motivate with every piece of messaging.

This seminar is offered for people at any level of management or staff who regularly reach out to internal and external audiences. Business Writing for Non-Writers is customized for your organization and available in half-day and full-day sessions. It's held on site at your location in any room that fits the size of your group—typically from 3 - 15.

Your participants are challenged with a series of fun exercises taken from real-world business situations. They'll learn how to manage the writing process from start to finish by using an assortment of valuable tips and tricks. By the end of the seminar, they'll have improved skills and confidence to write more effectively and more persuasively.

The lessons I share during the seminar are based on my extensive career in marketing communications and public relations. I've written and edited copy for just about every medium imaginable: product brochures, newsletters, magazines, press releases, CEO speeches, PowerPoint presentations, web content, email blasts, position papers, video scripts, trade and consumer advertising, and more. In addition to my professional background, I was trained at Chicago's famed Second City in improvisational comedy, so I know how to keep an audience's attention.

Here is just a small sample of the topics included in the seminar:

  • Who are you, and how did you get stuck with this?

  • Why should I write an executive summary?

  • Your lead sets the tone

  • The power and pitfalls of humor

  • Review, revise, rewrite

  • Repurposing your prose

Please contact me for more information about the "Business Writing for Non-Writers" seminar and how it can be tailored to fit your organization. I'm based in Chicago and would be happy to provide more details on goals, tactics and pricing. You can email me by clicking the Contact tab above or use this link at johng@griffinstebbing.com. You're also welcome to call/text 708-860-9849.

Of course, please don't hesitate to contact me regarding projects involving video production, marketing communications, event management or advertising.

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