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Talking with Authors Series

A wonderful local bookstore in Forest Park, IL, called Centuries & Sleuths, has featured mysteries and true crime books for many years. An event held in late November 2023 brought together more than 20 local authors who have been closely aligned with the store throughout all or most of their careers. As the store was preparing to close and hopefully reopen under new ownership in early 2024, this event was a chance for authors and customers alike to say thank you to the owners.

I attended the event and was able to grab quick interviews with some 13 of the authors and then edited that footage into a series of short videos of each one of them as they discussed a variety of topics about their careers and writing in general. This is a sort of love letter to the people who write for the love of the craft, not necessarily to make millions of dollars, but to tell their stories and find an audience.

This is one such interview in that series and features a man named Bill Rapp who spent his career with the CIA and has written a number of thrillers. This link takes you to the full playlist of all the authors' interviews. Click the photo below to see Bill Rapp's video.

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